Who is our
division lead?


Division dream


  • Operational excellence in current QC offerings
  • Growth in R&D projects
  • New techniques implementation
  • ATMP and Biologicals
  • New lab
  • Integration offerings QbD

    • Cleaning validation
    • Gas system qualifications
    • Regulatory services
    • EU Import

The future

"We have big plans."

Which part of my job gives me the most energy?

“When we get to a final method and we can provide the customer with a good report for a complex project, that gives me a lot of energy and good vibes.”

A few words from a colleague…


“After almost 20 years at Quercus, I am looking forward to the next 20 years. The ever new challenges, the future vision of the lab, but especially the atmosphere between the experienced lab technicians and the new talents, will ensure that.”

“Quercus lab is a place where I feel good and keep learning new things. The varied job content, helpful colleagues and pleasant working atmosphere are a perfect combination for me to come to work every day with a smile.”

"I'm really proud of being a member of the Lab Services division. We have been part of the QbD Group for more than 2 years now. And in these 2 years we managed to really become more professional as a lab. And we also added several additional lab services to the service we provide to the life science industry. So I think in a few years time we really have become a future proof lab on which we can build for additional services in the next few years."

Yves Peeraer, Division Head Lab Services