Who is our
division lead?


Division dream


We want to become

  • a strong, homogeneous and cohesive team which thrives on our diversities and cross fertilization of professional knowledge and expertise

We want to develop and consolidate

  • a strong international reputation as one of the top regulatory consultancy experts in life sciences

We aim

  • to be a top 5 regulatory consulting company in the EU for our industry

Continue to invest in people

  • by retaining our key top-performers & further grow their professionality by reaching the ideal balance between billable work and professional continuous education
  • by attracting top-talents from outside

Development of the QbD Group brand

  • as sponsor & attendee of major industry-related regulatory events

Thought leadership in the regulatory field via

  • high-value webinars
  • publication of pertinent articles
  • being viewed by both National Authorities and Notified Bodies as a “go-to resource” for the life sciences industry

The future

"We see the future as challenging, but equally as a strong opportunity."

Which part of my job gives me the most energy?

“The synergy in our teamwork is very valuable.”

A few words from some colleagues…


"I have to say that I'm pretty proud. I was honored that the QbD management put me in this role. And I think that there is a lot of opportunity to drive the division forward, because the overall context is favorable. Healthcare is growing and with it the need for compliance. That's why I feel pretty honored to be in this job."

Maurizio Suppo, Division Head Regulatory Affairs